WeChat Is Your Key to the Chinese Market



86% of users being Millennials
> 70% of users follow Brand & Media Accounts
55% of users open WeChat 10x a day


Why do you need a WeChat Strategy?


Grow Brand Awareness

We provide eCommerce Platform Solutions adapted to China or Cross-border markets on design, payment, legal, social media.

Brand-customer relationship

Broadcasting messages to followers ensures that your consumer is kept up to date with latest offers and events, keeping your brand in their minds.

Improve Loyalty

Rewarding your customers is easy with ecoupons and personalised private messages. Chinese customers are very responsive to loyalty campaigns.

Quick Customer Feedback

Wechat allows private channel for users to give feedback, acting as customer service support. This allows your business to learn customer behaviour and further improve.

Full Customisation

With so many features in the app, brands can use games, campaigns, text, videos, link websites, etc. to effectively reach their target market and engage them.

Boost Revenue

The ecommerce platform available also gives companies a chance to sell directly to mobile users. It is easy and fast to convert web-users to sales.